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July 21, 2012
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"Mamma, did you get tomatoes?" Lovino asked, looking in the grocery bags you had just set on the floor.

"Ve~And the pasta, mamma!" Feliciano added. Sighing you looked them over, so cute, but at times, so needy. You had found the little Italians on the streets when they were only five years old and had cared for them since. People still stopped and stared at you, surprised that you were the mother of two, but you didn't care. They were your kids to you, even if they were in middle school.

"Yes, and remember Feli, you're making dinner tonight because I won't be here," You reminded him gently. Even though he was only a kid he was a better cook then you were. Both boys paused from putting the food away and stared at you.

"Mamma, where are you going?" Lovino asked carefully. As the older sibling, he usually was the leader and voice of the two.

"Well, boys, I'm going on a date," Silence followed, then came the crying and cursing.

"No! Mamma is leaving us!" Feliciano cried, he still worried that you would leave him after all this time.

"What f**ker is messing with our mamma? Did he hurt you? I'll f**k him up!" Where Lovino learned to curse was beyond you and you had long given up trying to stop it.

"Boys," they both stopped as you hugged them close, "I'm never leaving you, ever. No one is hurting me, a nice man from my work just asked me on a date, okay?" They both looked up at you.

"Promise you never leave-a us?" Lovino asked softly. You kissed their foreheads and nodded.

"Promise, you guys mean everything to me," With that you set them down and went to get ready, trusting Feli with dinner.

After looking after the boys for so long, you hadn't been out in forever. You were so glad he asked you out. A knocking on the door interrupted your thought, you opened it to a smiling Spaniard name Antonio, who held a bouquet of flowers.

"These are for you, chica," he smiled, handing them to you.

"That's so sweet of you," You motioned for him to come inside while you found a vase.

Antonio sat on the couch anxiously and glanced around the room. It seemed so empty.

'Where are the little ninos (Name) talked about?' he wondered. He thought you were amazing for taking them in and was excited to meet them.

"So you're the a**ho*e who likes our madre, no?" Antonio turned to see an angry looking boy with dark brown hair that had a gravity defying curl.

"Si, you must be Lovino," Antonio guessed. (Name) had mentioned how the older Italian brother cursed like a sailor on leave.

"You are so cute, like a little tomate!" Antonio smiled and gushed. Lovino scowled and was just about to cuss him out when someone interrupted him.

"You're not-a gonna take mamma from us, are you?" Asked a softer voice from behind Lovino. Feliciano poked his head out from behind his brother showing off how his hair was light and the curl was on the opposite side of Lovino's .

"No little one," Antonio said softly.

"I see you've met the boys," You smiled from the doorway. "But I think it's time we get going," Antonio nodded and you gave the boys one last hug.

"Feli, don't use all of Lovino's tomatoes in the pasta and Lovino make sure you two get to sleep, okay?" They nodded, hugging you hard, and over your shoulder, Lovino glared at Antonio. He made the motion that he was watching him and Antonio just shivered. Who knew a kid could be so scary?

As soon as you and Antonio left, Lovino turned to his brother.

"We've-a got to make sure our mamma never sees him again!" he decided.

"Ve~But mamma seems-a so happy," Feli pointed out.

"Do you want that tomato b***ard to take our mamma away?" Lovino asked, thinking of the parents who cast them out all those years ago.

"No! Mamma said-a she would never leave!" Feliciano started to cry.

"Then we have to make sure he doesn't take her from us!" Lovino said, patting his brother's head. Feli nodded, he knew Lovino always looked out for them. He was the one who found mamma and the home they had now.

"Ve~But they are so far away now," Feli pointed out. Lovino nodded, but then smiled at his younger brother.

"Do you still have the number of our old potato-b***ard babysitter?" he asked. Feli nodded, Ludwig always said he would help out (Name) with whatever she needed. Lovino picked up the phone and dialed.

"Ja? Ludwig speaking,"

"It's-a us, we need your help,"
This was just something I threw together. I liked the idea of Romano and Feliciano pulling a reverse Parent Trap and trying to split Spain and the Reader up.:)

Oh Lovino, you will make a great mob boss at this rate. You're already commanding Germany around.

Here's the sequal:[link]

I don't own Romano, Italy, Germany, Spain, or you. But I do own Sealand.
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Levian-53VODKAAA Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Feli&Lovi, ruining dates since childhood.
XxHetalianAtHeartxX Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
They nodded, hugging you hard, and over your shoulder, Lovino glared at Antonio. He made the motion that he was watching him and Antonio just shivered. 

xD I did that to my mom when she went on a date once (o-o Am i Romano in disguise?)
Zz43110zZ Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
I can imagine Lovi doing this! Its so cute too!
Hetaliamusicdrama1 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconspainplz: <(  TT-TT
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I love it!!! Is there a part two?
PickleQueenOfNinjas Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Romano is hilarious!
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Haha so cute!
AnnaLuvs Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooohhhh!!!!!  Getting talked down by a kid much?
*fan girl giggle*
P.s. Thanks for making me want pasta!I'm hungry...Get in my belly! 
naomiphantomhive1 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Kotetsufan Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
... Lovino your acting like a mafia boss at the age of a middle schooler.. (Reborn much?)
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