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March 7, 2013
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“Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?," Antonio asked, gazing and (Name) from across the table.

“I think you have,” (Name) blushed. She felt like a kid again, as she hadn’t been on a date since she got the boys. Most men were scared by the extra baggage that two young boys brought along. But here was a man who not only didn't mind, but was excited to get to know them.  Little did (Name) know just how much together time Antonio and Lovino and Feliciano were going to get very soon.

-Outside the restaurant in an unsuspecting van-

Lovino cursed softly as he watched his mamma smiled at the Spaniard through binoculars. This would be so much easier if she wasn't so glad. As much as Lovino wanted his mamma’s happiness, he just knew that as soon as women found their man, out the window went the kids, literally.

“Is this legal?” Ludwig questions from the driver’s seat.

“Enough,” Lovino snapped.

“Ja, burder, has some fun,” Unfortunately where Ludwig went, his brother Gilbert followed.  As obnoxious as he was, he helped convinced Ludwig to go on this surveillance mission.

“Lovi, what are we waiting for?” Feli questioned.

“The right moment,” Lovino said, without taking his eyes off the pair in the restaurant. Just then his mother laughed and Antonio put his hand on (Name)’s. Then (Name) got up and left the table, to go to the bathroom.

“Which is when?” Feli whined; he was getting bored.

“Now!” Lovino yelled. Ludwig and Gilbert got out of the car; they were dressed the same as the waiters of the restaurant. They walked in with a cloth covered cart, which Lovino and Feli hid in. They blended perfectly, since when do you ever notice waiters? They wheeled up to (Name) and Antonio’s table.

“Special order,” Gilbert smiled at the poor unsuspecting Spaniard.

“But we didn’t order anything yet?”  Antonio looked at the two waiters, confused.

“Yes you did, you m*th*rf*ck*r,” Lovino pulled Antonio under the table, so they were hidden by the table cloth from the rest of the restaurant.

“Somehow, I am not surprised to see you here, but I expected you to jump me when I walked her to the door,” Antonio looked at the two little Italian boys.

“That was plan B,” Feli smiled cheerfully.

“Listen up, you b*st*rd. You are going to leave the restaurant and never talk to our mamma ever again,” Lovino said in his scariest voice. Antonio fought the shiver in his spine.

“Or else,” Feli added, happily.

“I’m afraid that I’m here until your mother sends me away, I like her too much to just give up,” Antonio smiled, thinking of how long it took for him to get you to accept his invitation for this date.  

Lovino respected him for not being scared off to easily, but now he had an idea, a very evil idea. He heard Gilbert’s little bird coo three times, which was the signal that (Name) was returning. Lovino grabbed some catsup from the table and smeared some on his and Feli’s arm, till it left a red mark. Then he put him arm and Feli’s arm in one of Antonio’s arms and before he could do anything, Lovino pulled all three out from beneath the table. The faced (Name), who was surprised to see not only the boys, but their babysitters here. Lovino stepped on Feli’s toes, causing his to start crying and started to tear up himself.

“Mamma!” Feli cried.

“He hurt us!” Lovino pulled his arm out of the stunned Antonio’s grasp and showed (Name) the red mark. Feli went to hug (Name), incidentally showing to catsup on his arm to. (Name) looked open mouthed, shocked, and frantically over the boys. Antonio didn’t know what to say. If he denied it, who would (Name) believe, her kids or him? After a few tense minutes, (Name) hugged them both closely and gave Antonio the worst look.

“Gil, Ludwig, take the boys to the car and wait for me,” (Name) said, not looking at either of the babysitters. As Lovino walked away he stuck his tongue out at Antonio, who was pale.

“Chica,” he tried, pleadingly. But she held up her hand to silence him.

“I never want to see you again. If you ever come near the boys or me again, I will have you arrested or have my brother Ivan make you disappear,” (Name) usually never threatened or mentioned her mob boss of a brother, but this situation called for it. (Name) turned on her heel and walked out, leaving a heartbroken Antonio.
Here is the much asked for squeal to [link]

Thank you for all the comments and votes to make this a series! :iconthankyouplz:

Man, Lovino can be scary :iconlovinoplz: and poor spain :iconsadspainplz:

I own nothing, but you and the next part is coming soon! :la:
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Good story! Will there be a part 3? *hopeful look*
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